Meet our experts

Judy Davie

Author of 4 books including The Greengrocer’s Diet, Judy’s approach to healthy eating is simple, affordable and delicious. Better known as The Food Coach, Judy has written for several publications including Prevention Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph and as well as her own websites.

Narelle Hunter

Nel is a Dru yoga therapist, meditation & mindfulness specialist, offering trauma sensitive techniques to calm the nervous system & reduce early signs of anxiety, stress, insomnia & tension. Her teaching style makes you feel like there is something you ‘can do’ during challenging times.

Alice Fitzpatrick

Alice is our in house psychologist, bringing the rigour of research and a wealth of experience in the field. Our psychology is key in understanding our habits and we are so lucky to have Alice to help us understand the key moments that we can best help you.

Ginny Stevens

Ginny is our Fitness expert. Ginny was the driving force in bringing all of us together through her work for Active Farmers which provides group fitness classes for rural communities. As an Australia Day Ambassador, Ginny is passionate about mental and physical health.

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