Meet Alice Williams, the PA2health team Psychologist

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Hi, I’m Alice Williams and I am a Psychologist. Born in Mackay, Queensland, I grew up in rural Tasmania and now live in Sydney with my husband, Ben, and our Labrador, Oscar. Regular visits to my home town and family just outside of Launceston leaves me feeling centred, content and close to my roots; country Australia is my favourite place to be.

What is your area of expertise?   


How did you come to be working in this field?

I attended a sport psychology seminar when I was 13, and when it finished I told my Dad I wanted to be a Psychologist. I remained strongly aligned with this ambition and after leaving school in 2005 and spending a year coaching sport in a country town in England, I started my study at the University of Sydney.

During my university years, I did my Certificate III and IV in Fitness and enjoyed running a small personal training business at Bronte Beach. This fostered an interest in the well established link between physical and mental health and sees me ensuring I approach my work in psychology with a strong alignment to the complete health of the individual.

What do you love about your work?

Every day is different, and I know I am contributing to helping another person to find greater meaning and purpose in their lives. I consider it a privilege to be let into the inner world of others. To listen to my clients’ stories, and to hear their trials with a non judging but guiding ear, is something I don’t believe I will ever tire of.

I strongly believe in the science of psychology. I like knowing the therapies I deliver have undergone rigorous scientific testing to be endorsed to assist those with mental health challenges. To now be able to broaden the reach of my skills and assist the users of Path to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviours, is really exciting.

Tell us about your interest in working with regional families.

I strongly believe in the necessity of good health for an individual to reach their potential. The fact that people in rural and regional areas report higher life satisfaction, yet experience double the rate of suicide than urban areas, is confronting. Amongst other things, this highlights the limited access to health services these individuals experience and the lack of early intervention for mental health issues outside of major cities. This is something I am determined to shift, and I believe Path has the ability to contribute to this change. Our team is passionate, strong and capable of big things!

I have a profound admiration for regional communities. I believe the values they demonstrate are representative of Australia’s resilience and hardiness, and to assist them with attaining and keeping good health is something I will work really hard to achieve.

What do you value about working as a PA2health team member. How is this an advantage for rural clients?

When our CEO Ginny approached me to become a founding member of the Pa2health team, it wasn’t something I had to spend a long time considering. I’ve been really inspired by Active Farmers, and the thought of working alongside Ginny and our other fantastic team members was something I wanted to be a part of.

Our team has a shared vision. It brought us together, and it shines through in the interactions we have with one another. Without question, we have a common goal and a respect for one another’s strengths. This cohesion and resolve will ensure we deliver a high quality service, with the needs of the regional and rural person at the forefront of our minds.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

My favourite things to do range from running and general fitness, to reading, going to the beach, horse riding and spending time with my nieces and nephews. I feel the calmest and most grounded around my family, closest friends and my dog, Oscar. Oh, and time in nature is always a priority so if I can do those things and be in the outdoors, I’m pretty happy!

Ed Stevens