Introducing Nel Hunter our Mindfulness Expert

Hello I’m Narelle Hunter and I am a Dru Yoga Therapist, meditation and mindfulness teacher. I have lived on a farm near Young in NSW for 26yrs with my husband and we raised our 4 daughters here in a beautiful small community.


What is your area of expertise?

I explore the power of simple mindfulness techniques.

The greatest improvements often occur when we begin a 2-minute breathing practice or a mindful movement practice. It doesn’t have to be complicated, for the benefits to be great.

After witnessing a group of local women benefit so greatly from my deep relaxation and mindfulness class many years ago, while they were also managing chemotherapy, a sense of clear purpose began. I have been on a mission to learn about, share and experience mindful living ever since. It can help so much during times of stress.

How did you come to be working in this field?

I have had my own battles with an imbalanced nervous system, following our youngest daughter nearly drowning in our backyard pool when she was 2 yrs old. After this experience, I was struggling to sleep and worry was taking over. I decided to study Dru meditation & yoga therapy. This has led me to a career I am deeply passionate about.

I feel so thrilled to witness a client regaining influence over their internal responses, and move beyond feeling stuck in their stress. Personally, I’m sleeping well again, I can control and shift worrying thoughts, and I’m living mindfully each day. Its empowering to learn, we can create internal balance, by having part of our awareness checking in on the body, the nervous system, the breath and present moment detail, even on the busy days.

What do you love about your work?

I love that it makes me grateful for all the detail in a day.

I love that mindful techniques have the ability to put the power in each person’s own hands.  

I love that it creates quality time.

I love the opportunities to collaborate and feel thrilled to be now working alongside the incredible PATH team, as we connect with businesses like HCF, who have very similar values to us.

Tell us about your interest in working with regional families and workplace.

I have witnessed first-hand how rural communities pull together during tough times. There is a true resilience, big heart and utmost determination across reginal Australia but many families are being tested even further as the drought continues into 2019. I have spent more than half my life on a farm now and have experienced the ups and downs families out here go through. Rural communities need and deserve high quality mental and physical health care.

What do you value about working as a Path team member. How is this an advantage for rural clients?

I recognise that my service is better when offered with a range of information that each individual customer may need. Maintaining good health is complex but the personal home practice doesn’t have to feel hard, it just needs balance.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

When I’m not working I’m starting to travel these days. Our youngest daughter finishes school this year and we have lots of amazing places we want to visit throughout the years ahead. I also love photography, anything by the water, big walks outside and long lunches with friends and family.