Meet Ed Stevens, the tech support of the team!

Hi, I’m Ed Stevens. I was born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, and grew up in nearby Mangoplah on our family farm. Whilst I now live in Melbourne, I love getting out of “the big smoke”, back to the farm or down to the coast.

What is your area of expertise?   


Good question! I originally studied Civil Engineering before moving into quantitative finance and then somehow teaching myself all things chatbots…..

How did you come to be working in this field?

As mentioned above it was a bit unintentional and not exactly a clear career path but I would put it down to curiosity and enjoying solving problems. I always liked building things and solving problems and whilst that led me originally to engineering, I enjoyed branching out into different areas.

I ended up working in chatbots whilst chasing an idea I had around finding a way for people to find recipes and be inspired to cook easier. At the time chatbots were just becoming more accessible and to me seemed like a great way to communicate and change the traditional search and receive process.

What do you love about your work?

For me it is about the constant challenge of running your own business. I really enjoy learning new things and by getting out of the corporate cycle I have had experiences and been tested more than I ever would have if I didn’t take that plunge.

On top of that I have learnt what I truly value and want to work on and I know that it is up to me to make a living out of it. It has become the ultimate problem, involving yourself in exciting things and making it viable from a living standpoint.

Tell us about your interest in working with regional families.

Having grown up in country NSW I have always had a high regard of the values and way people hold themselves in regional communities. Having spent time in both regional and metro areas now I find myself missing the close connections and genuine nature that I felt surrounded by in Mangoplah.

As I have gotten older though, I have also become aware of and impacted by the gap in support for these same communities. For me it comes down to the facts of how rural communities are suffering from more acute health issues both physically and mentally when compared to their metro counterparts. I really just want to be a part of changing this “statistic” and give back to a community that taught me so much.

What do you value about working as a PA2health team member. How is this an advantage for rural clients?

Every member of the team inspires me in what they do and the opportunity to be a part of something with them was a no brainer. I believe that people are stronger together not only on a community standpoint but as a team. I am super lucky to be involved with 4 intelligent and grounded women who above all else want to help people! It’s awesome!

This shared vision and selflessness is what makes the team unique and what I think will make the most impact in working with regional communities.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

For me it’s being in the water and going surfing when I can. Getting into the ocean is like meditation for me. It is a unique time where I can shut off and just have fun. It would also be amiss of me not to mention how I very much enjoy spending time with my partner Emily. Whether it is a project around the house or spending time with friends, we always have a good laugh!

Ed Stevens