Alice explains how HEALTH VALUES make all the difference at pa2health

Hi, I’m Alice – your psychologist at PA2Health. I have developed the Think channel within the PA2Health 4 week challenge, and I assist our users in making positive decisions about their health in the realms of eating well, exercising and engaging in a regular mindfulness practice.

At the start of our health challenge, you are required to identify a time in the day which you would like some extra ‘support’ and prompting from me. I also ask you to clarify your health values, which research has demonstrated is effective in improving intrinsic (internal; not based on external factors such as appearance, money or status) motivation to exercise and eat well. Videos and text messages throughout the 4 weeks, delivered to you when you need it most, give you the tools to choose the right path when you arrive at a ‘choice point’ – any given time you are required to make a decision about your health, e.g. what to eat as a mid afternoon snack, or whether to exercise.  

At PA2Health, I ensure we have developed a service for our users which utilises evidence based recommendations so that our challenge is easy to use, and more likely to deliver the results you are looking for. Our 4 week challenge is delivered by a chatbot, which comprises of a simple and intuitive interface, and our interactions with users involve language which is simple, concrete and confident. Unlike a health app, the chatbot reaches out to you via message at times of the day when you most need support, ensuring that engagement with the health challenge is in ‘real time’. This gives PA2Health the best chance possible at helping you to generate and maintain positive health habits, and we reward you along the way by giving you the opportunity to earn ‘points’ and compete against other departments within your workplace, or other towns in your region.

Further to this, PA2Health is committed to engaging in experimental trials to establish the efficacy of our health challenge. Not only are we using assessment tools to collect your health status before and after the challenge, we are then using that information (kept confidentially and de-identified) to contribute to ongoing research with the University of New South Wales to ensure you are getting a service that is scientifically ‘proven’.

PA2Health is dedicated to delivering lifestyle medicine through your smartphone which we believe gives you the best chance possible at improving your health. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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Nel Hunter