Keep up momentum this winter with your own personal trainer at pa2health

Discover the 3 effective ways your pa2health personal trainer helps you keep up momentum this winter.

As the personal trainer for PA2health, my number one ambition is to get people moving and ensure that exercise is implemented into the users lifestyles on a long term and sustainable basis. From a very young age, exercise has always been a cherished part of my life and my weekly routine because I know and understand the endless benefits first hand! The 3 ways I contribute to Regional Australians who use PA2health are;

  1. Education: every week I provide a short 2 minute educational video to educate users about; the importance of exercise, recommendations about frequency of exercise, what type of exercise is best, why you should incorporate socialising into your exercise regime, high versus low intensity exercise and the importance of executing your exercise plan.

  2. Exercise videos & templates: Each week I provide users with a high intensity circuit video, a lower intensity core strength video and a written circuit lesson to utilise should they wish

  3. Challenges: Setting challenges weekly to hold users accountable,  such as exercise 4 out of 7 days per week

By providing education, exercise tools and challenges results can be achieved! I want users to understand that it takes time to form a new health habit and the best way is to follow my educational tips and take it slowly to avoid injury and/or burn out!. Ultimately I want people to love exercise as much as I do and understand the benefits and positivity it brings to life!

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Nel Hunter