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Reimagine your life – HEALTHIER


Being healthy is more than eating the right food and getting regular exercise. ‘Being healthy’ is to do with having the right balance of physical health and mental wealth, and that requires more than motivation and discipline. 

More than 60% of respondents in a recent health and nutrition survey found that getting enough sleep is a key factor in ‘Being healthy’. Stress and anxiety also play an enormous role and it’s very easy to sabotage our healthy intentions when we’re busy & stressed.

But imagine if you had it all under control? 

 Imagine if you knew how to intercept those feelings of stress and anxiety with simple techniques to calm yourself down. What if you understood how to switch off the self-talk telling you to eat more chocolate or take to the lounge instead of the gym when your day has not gone right? 

 With the team of health experts at PA2health with you day and night you can shift those habits holding you back. We’re going to support you in believing that you, like others, can maintain a healthy diet, regular sleeping pattern and exercise regularly. 

This digital innovation, developed by 5 co-founders, are experts in their own field, with a wealth of experience in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and stress management. Alice Williams, a resident psychologist, is also carefully collecting data for a randomised trial, together with Ed Stevens our tech expert, Judy Davie, an incredible Food Coach and Narelle Hunter, local Mindfulness and sleep management expert. We aim to be able to prove that mental and physical health can be enhanced, with an electronic intervention, delivering information that is high quality, personal, affordable and fun. 

Our incredibly passionate team, with a strong regional background, have made the physical and mental wellbeing of regional Australians a priority. PA2health is a 4- week digital health challenge designed to empower the rural community towards better physical health and mental wealth. “We believe that together, we can make a difference.” Narelle Hunter explains.

The 4-week challenge is delivered via a Chatbot, on Facebook messenger. It is easy to use and an affordable option for those trying to access professional physical and mental health tips. Healthy eating, exercise and mindful stress management strategies are offered as weekly challenges. Motivational tips are also sent, at times when participants have indicated vulnerability. The aim is to create opportunity for healthy self-care but it all begins with believing change is possible. 


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Nel Hunter