What mindfulness support will you receive while on the pa2health challenge?

Adding mindfulness techniques to your everyday routine can improve overall health in a wide variety of ways. I offer insightful mindfulness tools for our challenge participants in 4 areas; Breath awareness, sleep management, body awareness and present moment awareness. How do we offer this information?

  • Video content - Introduction to the weekly topic

  • Audio guidance - The Signature Breath, Deep Sleep Relaxations, Yoga Therapy practices to release physical tension and Mindful Meditations.

  • Tips throughout the week as an opportunity to add simple techniques into a busy lifestyle, to calm and sooth the nervous system, settle busy thoughts and emotions, while improving immune function, energy levels, mental focus and overall health.

If you haven’t experienced the soothing and relaxing benefits of mindfulness than this section of our 4 week challenge may surprise you. My number 1 intention is to help you breathe well, sleep well and live well when the pressure is on! As a farmers wife of 27 years, mother of 4 children and co-founder of 3 businesses, I understand that life doesn’t alway flow in the way we would hope. By putting our long term physical and mental health at the very top of our priority list, we don’t even compromise what matters most.

Narelle Hunter

Mindfulness & Meditation Coach, Therapeutic Dru Yoga.

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Nel Hunter