Ginny shares her Top 3 recommendations during lockdown

My top 3 recommendations during Covid-19 lockdown

Our worlds have been turned upside down, everything is constantly changing, our usual routines have altered and there is, for many people around the world a heightened level of stress and anxiety for many reasons. Exercise can be one of the best tools that YOU can use as a coping mechanism during this crazy time. As we are inside for large amounts of the day and most likely far more sedentary than normal (not great for our mental wellbeing) I do recommend some kind of movement each day.

1.) My number one recommendation is that you make the most of being able to legally leave your house to exercise!!! Walking, running or bike riding are some examples of exercise you can easily do outside. To mix things up a bit and make sure your heart rate does raise, try adding in some bursts. For example, if you are going for a 30-minute walk add in a 6 x 1-minute brisk walking bursts.

2.) My second recommendation is that you combine outdoor cardio with indoor cardio/strength and a form of exercise that has a calming effect, such as yoga. The outdoor and indoor cardio/strength work is great for raising your heart rate, strengthening your body and generating happy endorphins, and yoga is not only great for strength, but it can encourage a focus on breathwork, essential for calming the mind during this stressful time. My third recommendation is that you go at your own pace. If you were not exercising much prior to COVID-19 introduce exercise slowly to avoid injuries and burning yourself out. You might want to start out by walking for 20 minutes a day, then slowly build up to 25 minutes. Next, you might add in a gentle yoga online class, and next a gentle online circuit class. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself!

Please make sure you take care of your health and keep your body moving, we need all the strength we can muster right now. I cannot stress enough how much exercise can and will help you get through! My thoughts are with you all during this tough time x

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