Learn more about Active Farmers - By Ginny Stevens

Our PA2health team is extremely passionate about the health and wellbeing of Regional Australian’s and that’s why we have pledged to donate 20% of profits to Active Farmers.

Active Farmers is very close to our hearts and it’s the charity that brought our team together. Originally, before the formation of PA2health, all of our founders were contributing their expertise to Active Farmers and continue to do so.

So that you know how your contribution is helping Regional Australians our Co-Founder Ginny (also Founder of Active Farmers) has provided some information about Active Farmers.

Active Farmers was a proactive response in my community of Mangoplah (NSW - population 309) to concerns about mental health issues in rural areas, growing isolation arising from, among other things, expanding farm technology, and the dearth of locally available health and wellbeing services and activities in small farming communities.

These very real concerns are borne out by Australian reports (including last year’s RFDS report) of health determinants for people living in rural and remote communities that highlight:

  • no/low levels of physical exercise

  • higher rates of mental illness and fewer mental health services

  • almost double the rate of suicide than in major cities

Today the Active Farmers vision is to build stronger and more resilient communities in rural Australia and their mission to help address these above-mentioned challenges in the small farming communities where people live is to advance health and social and public welfare in rural and remote communities by:

  • providing regular local group fitness classes for all fitness levels lead by qualified trainers

  • facilitating nutrition, mindfulness, mental health and other health-related workshops and consultations

  • offering remote access to mental health services

  • fostering social interaction

  • enhancing community connectedness

  • building community resilience

Today, Active Farmers runs over 200 classes per month and has more than 800 regular participants in over 35 small farming communities stretching more than 3000km from Hughenden in Queensland, through NSW and into Hagley in Tasmania.

In addition, Active Farmers has evolved to run larger events such as the Active Farmers Games and Ride for Resilience Bike Ride. These larger events help raise the awareness of physical and & mental health, community connectedness and provide an opportunity for people to participate in something challenging and fun. These events also provide a source of revenue to invest in our existing and new communities.

By signing up to complete your 4-week health & wellbeing challenge you are supporting Regional Australian’s health, not just your own and we would like to thank you very much!

For more information, you can visit the Active Farmers website


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