Life’s better when you’re on the right PATH

4 week programs to get you moving, mindful and nourished wherever you are


No matter where you are, Path is with you! 


For most it is easy to find an exercise buddy, a healthy meal or a bit of time to reflect! But what if you live 100 km from the nearest town?? This is why we built path! To provide you your own little helper for all your moving, mindful and masticating needs no matter where you are.



Each week there are new fitness goals along with both solo and group plans to help you get moving!


Weekly meal plans and shopping lists means you can be confident that you are nourishing your body. Path also helps curb the 9pm chocolate craving, saying hi at key moments to keep you on track.


Bring presence into your weekly routine with simple activities designed to fit into an already busy schedule.


Your own Personal Assistant

How do we do it?? Path is run via a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Through this we send you inspiration and encouragement to make sure you are working towards a better you!


The A Team


Ginny Stevens

Ginny is our CEO and Fitness expert. Ginny was the driving force in bringing all of us together through her work for Active Farmers which provides group fitness classes for rural communities.


Alice Williams

Alice is our in house psychologist, bringing the rigour of research and a wealth of experience in the field. Our psychology is key in understanding our habits and we are so lucky to have Alice to help us understand the key moments that we can best help you.


Judy Davie

Author of The Greengrocer’s Diet and Food coach, Judy’s bread and butter is approachable, affordable and delicious food! Believe me, we have tried it!


Narelle Hunter

Nel is a Dru yoga teacher and mindfulness specialist. Over the past 10 years she has designed simple practices to be implemented in our busy bee lifestyles.

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Ed Stevens

Ed is the ‘tech’ glue that brings it all together into one helpful personal assistant!