Everyone wants to be healthy but it’s hard to do on your own 

With Pa2health you can have 4 health experts by your side for 4 weeks

This November we have FREE 4-week health challenges to giveaway to 550 residents in SE NSW.

The November challenge is supported by drought funding from COORDINARE – through the Australian Government’s PHN Program

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STARTS 11th November


Developed in regional Australia for regional Australians.
Providing motivation and support to help you get fit and healthy!

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Weekly meal plans and shopping lists to help you nourish your body. Pa2health also helps curb the 9pm chocolate craving, saying “hi” at key moments to keep you on track.

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Find out how to set good habits, stay motivated and reach your goals. Get on track with your physical and mental health. Join in the fun and take charge of your choices today!

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New fitness challenges every week, including lesson plans for all levels of fitness! Plus great information about core strength, stretching and tips to help you stay motivated through the winter months.

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Bring presence into your weekly routine with simple activities that fit into your busy schedule. Mindfulness, breath awareness and deep relaxation, to assist with sleep, reduce stress and calm anxiety.



An easy to use, affordable program which provides professional physical and mental health tips, healthy eating and mindful stress management strategies to people of all ages in regional Australia.

✓ Weekly fitness videos for home

✓ Easy meal plans and shopping lists

✓ Breathing and mindfulness audio guidance for a better sleep

✓ Tips to keep you motivated



The 4 week challenge costs $49, however, we do offer an early bird price of $39 to those that sign up 2 weeks out or more!


 Meet our experts


Judy Davie

Author of 4 books including The Greengrocer’s Diet, Judy’s approach to healthy eating is simple, affordable and delicious. Better known as The Food Coach, Judy has written for several publications including Prevention Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph and as well as her own websites.


Alice Williams

Alice is our in house psychologist, bringing the rigour of research and a wealth of experience in the field. Our psychology is key in understanding our habits and we are so lucky to have Alice to help us understand the key moments that we can best help you.


Ginny Stevens

Ginny is our Fitness expert. Ginny was the driving force in bringing all of us together through her work for Active Farmers which provides group fitness classes for rural communities. As an Australia Day Ambassador, Ginny is passionate about mental and physical health.


Narelle Hunter

Nel is a Dru yoga therapist, meditation and mindfulness specialist. Designing relaxing practices for cancer patients, clients with disabilities, MND and insomnia, Narelle also enjoyed workplace care. Doctors are now referring patients to Nel, to assist with stress levels and pre-diabetic symptoms.


Ed Stevens

Ed is the ‘tech’ glue that brings it all together into one helpful personal assistant! Ed makes designing a chatbot look easy, when it certainly is not at times. Responding to the needs of his 4 co-founders, while designing a bespoke service for regional Australia, is a challenge he is certainly up for.




How is the 4 week program delivered?

Via a chatbot on Facebook Messenger which means it’s easy to use. All you need is a mobile phone!

When does it start?

Our next 4-week challenge starts on Monday 11th November 2019.

How much is it?

The 4-week challenge normally costs $49, however, if you sign up 2 weeks prior to the next launch you can receive the early bird price of $39.


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